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The 4 Most Important Things to Consider When Starting a New Blog

The 4 Most Important Things to Consider When Starting a New Blog
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Starting a new blog is not as simple as it sounds. Making money online with your blog can be overwhelming if you do not carefully consider 4 important factors before getting started. In this article, we will look at the 4 most important things to consider before you even buy your first domain or hosting package.

What are the 4 things to consider when starting a Blog?

As a new blogger, you must carefully consider all of the following factors before getting started.

1) Define Your Blogging Goals

What is your ultimate goal with your blog? Do you want to become a professional blogger and make money writing, or do you just plan to share content with others on the web and just enjoy blogging as a hobby? If you want to make money blogging, then your blog needs to be monetized. If you want to share content with others on the web for free, you do not need to worry about monetizing your site.

2) Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience comes after defining your blogging goals. Every successful blog has a well-defined target audience. If you fail to define a specific type of reader before starting a new blog, it will be difficult to gain any traction with your blog. The more targeted the content you produce, the better results you will achieve, whether blogging for traffic or monetizing your website.

3) Define Your Content Requirements

Do you plan on writing articles? Do you plan on editing videos or recording audio files for upload? Identifying what type of content you want to provide is important before purchasing any blogging equipment. Depending on what type of content you plan on providing, your blog will have different requirements.

4) Define Your Content Schedule

In order to stay relevant and maintain a steady flow of traffic, it is important that you define a content schedule before starting a new blog. In other words, how often do you plan on blogging about your topic? Once a week, twice a month, once a day or what? Coming up with a content schedule will allow you to plan out and purchase all of the equipment needed for your blog before getting started. It will also keep you motivated to keep your blog updated on a daily basis so that you do not lose traffic due to a lack of content.

Expert Tips

1) Aim High! -The Internet is a very competitive place. Your blog will be just another drop in an ocean of information and content. This means that the more you aim high and define your goals as "to become the next big thing" rather than "I want to write for fun," the better your chances at succeeding with your blog.

2) Stay Focused! -As a new blogger, you will be tempted to write about various topics and share your thoughts with other bloggers on the web. This is good, but it will also take time away from blogging about your primary topic, affecting traffic and making it difficult for readers to follow your blog if they only want to read content about one topic.

3) Stick to Your Niche -One of the main reasons new blogs fail is that there is too much competition in their respective niches. When starting a blog about any given topic, you should do some research first and find out how popular your niche is on the web. If, for example, you plan on blogging about skincare and there are already 100 other skincare-related blogs on the web, it would make more sense to blog about something less popular such as sports or movies.

4) Be Consistent! -New bloggers tend to lose motivation after a few weeks and post very infrequently. This results in lost traffic and ultimately failure of the entire blog because your blog slowly dies without new posts. The best way to be successful with a new blog is to define a daily content schedule and stick to it, even if you are not in the mood for blogging on some days.

5) Stay Away from MFA! -As a beginner at blogging, one of the first things you will notice after setting up your first blog is that there are many affiliate products available for your blog. It might be tempting to start promoting different products to make money, but this usually leads to failure because bloggers either lack the knowledge of how to properly use affiliate programs or do not provide enough value with their posts.

6) Create Great Content! If you plan to monetize your blog with affiliate promotions, you should not be too upset when they do not convert well. In fact, creating great content that is their own and provides value to the reader is much better for your long-term success compared to writing a mediocre article about a product or service that converts badly.


Honestly, it is not possible for anyone to tell you the exact right time to start a new blog. Starting a brand new blog takes time, and you must give yourself at least 6 months before expecting any kind of profits. If you define your blogging goals as building a profitable blog, the sooner you start, the better chances you have of creating a highly successful blog.

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