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How Does Freelance Writing Work?

How Does Freelance Writing Work?

One of the most common questions we get all the time from budding freelancers is “How do I get started?” This is an understandable question, given that most budding freelancers don’t typically find job postings for freelance writers with most established publications. So, what is the best way to break into the industry? In this article, we will be explaining to you how freelance writing works to help you get started.

What is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing can be defined as the practice of writing for a client, company, or organization without being employed by the same entities. Freelance writers usually produce any work required by their clients while working remotely. Any writer working on a freelance basis is usually not eligible for sick leaves, vacation pay, or 401(k).

Common Types of Freelance Writing

When it comes to freelance writing, there is no limit to what writers can write about. Some of the common types of freelance writing gigs include:

· Web pages

· Blog articles

· Magazine articles

· Newspaper articles

· Media kits

· White papers

· Speeches

· Case studies

· Business plans

· Marketing emails

· Radio scripts

· Press releases

· Ghostwriting

· Video scripts

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What do you do as a Freelance Writer?

Just like any other writer, freelance writers compose any article given by their clients. Given the topic and the tone of writing, freelance writers are at liberty to use their creative side to come up with masterpiece articles. Freelance writers usually spend most of their time devoted to writing articles given by their clients. The more time they put in, the more money they get.

How Do Freelance Writers Get Paid?

Freelancers usually get paid in different ways. This usually depends on the type of work being done and the mode of payment available to both the client and the freelancer. One of the most commonly used payment platforms for most freelancers is Payoneer, which supports business and individual payments. Other commonly used platforms include:

· Paypal

· Venmo

· Cashapp

· Checks

How does the Future of Freelance Writing Look?

Several companies, both startups, and established businesses, usually have hundreds of tasks that they simply can not justify hiring an employee to complete them.

For instance, a new drop shipping company may only want a handful of product reviews and blog posts on their websites. It would not be financially responsible for them to hire a full-time or even a part-time writer unless they have other tasks to delegate to such writers.

It would be much easier for the company to come up with a contract for an individual writer to create such product descriptions and blog posts for them, and this is where freelance writing comes in.

As long as both established and new startups are in need of new content for their websites, social media, products reviews, etc., the demand for writers will always be there. Even as content shifts toward becoming more video-centered, there is still plenty of copy to be written for that medium.

NOTE: Freelance writing may seem stressful ad overwhelming at first, but with proper planning, you can be able to turn it into an exhilarating lucrative career.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. What are the steps to freelance writing?

As a freelance writer, you first must apply for jobs with your pitching script. Ensure that your pitch stands by showing testimonials, guest posts, or credibility.

b. How much do you charge for freelance writing?

Most semi-pro and pro writers charge between 10 cents per word, depending on the amount of work they will do per project. But different clients have different budgets, and the amount paid will hugely depend on the client’s budget.

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