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How to Start Writing Articles as a Freelancer

How to Start Writing Articles as a Freelancer
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What is Freelancing Writing?

Freelancing writing is the practice of writing for an individual or an entity without being employed by the same individual or entity. A freelance writer can offer their services to one or many clients at a time, depending on the technicality of the work and the level of commitment needed to complete the tasks assigned to them.

Alternative names for Freelancers

Freelancer writers are also referred to as:

· Freelancers,

· Freelance workers,

· Independent contractors

What equipment do I need to Start Freelance Writing?

Like any other job, to start freelance writing, you must have the necessary equipment. If you are considering freelance writing as a career or a part-time gig, the following are a must-have item:

1. A laptop

A laptop, desktop or tablet can do, but we highly recommend you use a laptop as it is portable and can store power when there is a power failure. We recommend you use a laptop with at least 4 GB Ram and 500 Gb Storage. We recommend using a Hp or Dell Laptop since their battery life and processor speeds are usually suited for online work, which requires much research.

2. Stable Internet Connection

To do online writing, you need to have a stable internet connection. You can opt to use your courier’s data, use a modem, hotspot your laptop using your phone or use Wi-Fi. We recommend you use a Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t have a preinstalled Wi-Fi at your place, you can consider using free Wi-Fi at Coffee shops. To install Wi-Fi at your home, most service providers usually require that you buy a Nano-Station, Router and Installation Cables. We recommend using this router with this Nano-station for a better experience. They are easy to install and configure and are commonly used by most Wi-Fi service providers.

3. A notebook

As a freelancer, you will need a notebook to note down important things you learn, reminders, and even notes that you wouldn’t want to forget. You can get a notebook from any retail store near you. You can also buy one from amazon. We recommend using this notebook as it is specially designed to help you in your freelance journey. The notebook provides different columns where you can note down each activity and pages where you can write important information that you wouldn’t like to forget.

4. A desk

Freelance writing requires a high level of concentration, and having your own desk can help you achieve the level of concentration needed to focus on the task you have been assigned. You will need to have a comfortable desk or a laptop-holder if you are using a laptop.

NOTE: Avoid placing a laptop on your lap when writing for long hours, especially when connected to the internet, to avoid getting cancer due to radio waves. Here is a study showing why you should not carry a laptop on your lap.

Here is a pocket-friendly laptop holder that you can buy from amazon. It is cheap, easy to use and carry around.

5. A printer and a Scanner

Depending on the type of article you are working on, you may need to print hard copies to present to your clients. Most ghostwriters, for instance, use printers to print e-book and e-book covers to present to their clients. We recommend starting with this pocket-friendly printer and scanner.

Now that you know everything you will need to start freelance writing, you are probably asking yourself where you will get clients to hire you or where to sell your content. Here is an article on where and how to get clients as a freelancer.

Here is a Breakdown of Everything you will need to start online writing



A laptop

4 GB Ram 500 Storage Dell or HP

Stable Internet Connection

Nano Station, Router, Installation Cables

Note Book

1 Notebook

A desk/Laptop Holder

Desk or Laptop Holder





How to Attract Clients as a Freelance Writer

To attract clients as a freelance writer, you will need to have a great website portfolio. A website portfolio also referred to as an online portfolio, digital portfolio, or e-portfolio is a website where you showcase your work, skills and experiences. Here is an article on how to create a website portfolio in five easy steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make money by writing articles online?

Several freelance websites can help connect you to clients from different industries. As long as there is a need for freelance writers you can definitely make money by writing articles online.

2. Is article writing illegal?

Article writing is not illegal. What is illegal is academic writing. Academic writing involves doing an assignment, exam or project for an enrolled student.

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